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    Cocker Spaniel There are two kinds of Cocker Spaniel, English and American. The major difference between the English and the American Cocker is that the American is smaller with a shorter back and muzzle. Cockers can be any solid color or parti-colored. The first Cocker was the son of a Sussex Spaniel and a field […]

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    Product Spotlight

    Introducing Great Life! We are now carrying Great Life, a holistic dog and cat food. Developed by Dr. Elliott Harvey in 1996, Great Life is a natural food in which they use ingredients that start at the high end of the nutrient spectrum. Great Life is an enhanced superior natural dog and cat food made […]

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    Protect Your Pets

    It’s That Time Again! Flea and tick season is upon us once again, is your pet protected? There are many flea and tick products out there, how do you know which one is right for your pet? We try to help you match up the flea and tick protection that best fits your pet’s individual […]

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