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    Introducing Great Life!

    We are now carrying Great Life, a holistic dog and cat food. Developed by Dr. Elliott Harvey in 1996, Great Life is a natural food in which they use ingredients that start at the high end of the nutrient spectrum. Great Life is an enhanced superior natural dog and cat food made with their exclusive “Nutri-Coat” system. “Nutri-Coat” is made from a layered, freeze dried meat source and organic freeze dried raw greens and fruits and vegetables, loaded with pre and pro-biotics. The kibble is then enclosed in natural salmon oil, keeping all of the nutrients alive. This gives the food the benefits of a raw diet without the mess.

    There are many different varieties of Great Life kibble for dogs; Buffalo, Chicken, Lamb, and Venison. There are also grain and potato free versions. As of right now the only formula for cats is Salmon, but they hope to have Chicken available sometime in the near future. Canned food is also available.

    Great Life is one of the few foods for dogs and cats that have never been recalled. They strive to make the best natural food for our pets. Feel free to stop by the clinic to pick up a sample or to speak to one of the veterinarians about switching your pet to Great Life.

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